With the basic skeleton of where you are from and to which Species you were born established we look toward how you serve your Nation and yourself.

Each Nation has agencies that are responsible for training a character as one of the Archetypes, which appear in Step Five: Archetypes and Starting Skills. These agencies are what will give your character guidance in our story, a way of delineating plot and keeping in touch with your Nation through playing the game, committing downtime or if you are new or returning reading through this ever evolving website.

Each descriptive agency will give you an insight into how the archetypes in Step Five: Archetypes and Starting Skills operate within the structure of a Nation, how they are referred to, and their roles throughout society.

Read through the description of those the Nation that fits you best and make your choice.

With the larger world out of action please take a look at The Tabular Organisation of the Royal Basin, and decide on a Table which fits your character.

  • Currently the Guilds of the Six Duchies are the in play vehicles to describe the training that you could have received
  • Guidelines for other agencies will appear in the national descriptions
  • Guilds of The Royal Basin

Step Four: Background and Personal Goals

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