There are many Species across Daer Akmir with humans in the majority. Choosing a different Species and/or a Remnancy is choosing to look very cool and also to pick up a lot of additional specific plot that won’t directly be associated with humans.

Certain magical effects, beneficial and not so beneficial, will appear across your time in The Chronicles of Daer Akmir that will only affect certain Species or Remnants. This is not a choice to be made lightly but we promise you that it will be fun!


  • Your Species determines your Ancestry. Do you want to be a human, a Kalashinka, an Orc, or one of the other Species?
  • Do you want to have traces of a certain species in your look (make-up or similar) and say that your Grandfather was an Iron Blood Kuldisar?
  • You may say that you have as many species in your ancestry as you like.
  • However, only one other species will be “dominant” and have any impact on your look and your plot.


  • Remnancy determines any heritages in your blood. Be they Angelic, Daemonic, Lycan or something else!
  • Are you a Remnant?
  • If so, what kind of Remnant are you?
  • Do you know why you are a Remnant? Do you even know if you are a Remnant at all!
  • Pass any Remnancy information along to the Core Team during your Character Builds.

Step Three: Politics and Plot

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