Spirit, Harmony, Community

The people of the Tao represent here. Upholding Basanic law and integrating the Tao of the Wyld throughout the Wyld places of the land. These folk seek to keep sacred the land of the Gillieabad and expand the ritual power of the Royal Basin to contend with its neighbours. At its heart the Emerald table is built on the Tao that was taught to them by the Gillieabad in the first days of the world, the guidance of the sagacious beings that created our world. The Gillieabad laid down the perfect principle underlying the world of Vaklam, holding the balance and harmony of life and magic within the natural order. The people of  the Emerald Table understand that if this balance is ignored then the world will, as it is doing, collapse under the Rising of Chaos that has come from the civilisations of a decadent world.

The Tao is a faction that eschews political machination and instead focuses on the community and the individual – Each individual has, at their core, a spirit which is their connection to the world, their centre, their growth and their understanding of the world given to them by the Gillieabad. A Foster of the Emerald Table seeks that Spirit and nurtures it so that a person should know their place in the infinite world and how much power that gives them; to connect to the natural spirit of the world. Together as a shared community that Spirit is stronger and more powerful and through that connection the Gillieabad can help them to shape a better world. Not through magic but through acts of togetherness, a shared community and a greater understanding of the world that is provided for them.

The Fosters are made up of Ritualists from across the Six Altars of the Royal Basin . Altars are the remnants of places sacred to Gillieabad power where once these spirits were allowed to roam free before the coming of the other powers. Once there were thousands of such places now there are six functional although more wait dormant. Other nations still venerate these places as Groves or Gardens but the Royal Basin has forgotten them. Gilieabad now move between city spaces or dwell in pools of hatred and corruption, the abomination is strong there. The Emerald Table seek to reconnect the places of power and rebalance the power of the Basin before it the Gillieabad die and with them the world.

The Table is made up of the four core teachings of the Tao in the shape of Fosters – The Ulmagarn who are the few diplomats and politicians who extend into the ranks of the unenlightened. The Melkarr who are the Ritualists in plentitude and number who remember the old ways and teach the young. The Ele Strom who are the lawbringers and justice of the Wyld they are feared and reviled and the Vormearn who are the mystically imbued warriors of the Gillieabad that patrol the places of the Tao to keep them safe. These people are hugely loved and respected in the places of the Tao throughout the Basin but are seldom met with the same respect outside of Tao held communities. The people of the Emerald Table fight hard to enlighten and change these aspects of the world around them.

What Fosters of the Emerald Table Are
  • Ritualists that follow the Spirits that created the world and seek desperately to realign the world to their power to prevent that world from suffering irreversible damage. The struggle is real
  • Believers in the community and the power of each individual within that community as well as the power of a community of the enlightened to work with and be enhanced by the environment and the Gillieabad that should live in it
  • Kind and respectful people – There are thousands of Gillieabad that represent many aspects of the world. Kindness, peace and happiness are among them
  • Cold hearted killers and defenders of the land – There are thousands of Gillieabad that represent many aspects of the world. Vengeance, slaughter and misery are among them
  • Understanding that a balance between all things, the latter two for example, are vital to the survival of all things and that those that follow dogmatic paths of one or the other are doomed to die. Probably at the blade of a Vormearn
What Fosters of the Emerald Table Are Not
  • Anti Civilisation Activists (see the Altar of the Twelve Trees)
  • Left wing liberalists or Right Wing Fascists. They do not represent extremes
  • Tree worshippers

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