Defence, Duty, Selflessness

The Steel Table who are responsible for the Defence and Expansion of the Royal Basin through military endeavour. It is a faction that controls the various battalions of the Royal Basins armies and a selection of guilds that function on a practical level away from the front lines on behalf of the Basanic Military. The guilds receive the same instruction as the Military but are expected to operate alongside civilian and noble operations to enforce the defence of Basanic people. Personnel from guilds and battalions are often switched between each other regularly to encourage unity which is something that is clear to see throughout the Royal Basin.

There is a great deal of pride and ambition among the ranks of the military that serve the Steel Table; The Royal Basin’s military has been active and engaged in battle constantly for almost eleven centuries, over those years they have become the most feared fighting units across Daer Akmir. They know that they have lost battles and they have learned from them, they know they have won hard fought victories and they have gloried in it but each victory or loss belongs to the Royal Basin and to the tables that support them as much as the Steel.

The soldiers of the Steel table are loved and respected by their people and treated with a high degree of fame and notoriety; their flagons are never empty and their plates are always full. These rights are not just won through battle though, the Steel Table is deeply loyal, supporting the other tables that stand with it alongside the nobility and the mercantile houses as much as the small folk. Everything comes before the life of the soldier, the people, the land, the monarch, all of these stands behind a member of the Steel Table, relying on them for life and land and love. That is why the soldiers of The Basin are loved, that is why they are also feared

What Soldiers of the Steel Table Are
  • Fully trained soldiers by guilds who are regimented and follow the military chain of command
  • Loyal to the Royal Basin and to the other Tables following the Steel Tables agenda closely but also sticking closely to the rest of the tables policies
  • Adventurers that are paid for their work and have a level of autonomy away from the main armed forces
  • Capable of entering any arena and doing battle be it physically or diplomatically they are free citizens of the Royal Basin and may take on any role
  • Respectful and respected
What Soldiers of the Steel Table Are Not
  • On the front line of battle; Whilst they are capable of having battles in their backstories or to state that they have been involved in downtime battle they will not die in a downtime battle
  • Civilians in uniform
  • People that blindly follow orders; The Royal Basin’s armed forces are taught to think and raise issues with those in the chain of command above them. They will, at the end of the day, however revert to following the chain of command
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