When a potential candidate for membership first comes to the Сливк College they travel the prospective towers that will cover their training and also teach them the ethos that will lead them through the coming years. Each Institute is pacted to an individual House that serves the Lords of Mirrored Truths and it is from them that they, themselves, draw direction. The Institutes are very private areas, away from each other and with their own approaches; whilst the College is very much united the individuals that serve it are often private and insular folk who would prefer their directives to be their own. When the tour is over the initiate must make their choice and begin the teachings of that Institute.

  • The Institute of Sevik Irrikarum – Knives from Concealment
  • The Institute of Aelith Raym – Hidden Power
  • The Institute of Volkar Ma – Artifice and Crafting
  • The Institute of Sobiyal – The Channeling of Sourcery
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