The future of the Aristocracy over the next seven hundred years followed a similar pattern with some sense of inevitability: The three great houses formed to be the Lionsgold, Natheron and Torakaylin, and they were supported by the major families that demanded the biggest influx of wealth and influence. The system developed that the Dukes of the six Duchies would no longer blindly follow a hereditary leadership system and allow the ruling of the territories to be handed down as it was with the Lionsgold. Instead they formed a system in which the Houses would put forward a candidate that could be presented to the Dukes and then via matter of vote they would be elected to lead the Aristocracy.

This resulted, generally speaking, in a system that kept the leadership in the hands of a family that was affiliated to the Lionsgolds. The Shadowmane and Dasmamamcas families found their way to the throne often enough that the Lionsgold collective began to restore some of their lost credence with the courts. The Natheron family held the throne for almost a century during the Seventeen hundreds under Aflric and then Numilia Natheron, the Torakaylin also ruled from time to time but only through the family Ataxis who were put forward to lead. There were, as one would expect, ups and downs but in the main the monarchy appointed their prime minister and built for better days.

For six hundred years the Royal Basin underwent a period of growth followed by solidification followed by growth followed by solidification as each leader attempted to distance themselves from the actions of the past. Alliances were formed with the nations around them. 

More information about the Aristocracy can be found in The Lineage of Emperor Joshua, The Codex of War: The Beginning of the End, The Cataclysm and the Lions Pride, and The Rise of Dazak North.

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