The majority of the guilds train their people to use most common forms of weapons, some train in the more exotic whilst others choose to master the arts of unarmed combat and pugilism. Of all the weapons that are handled by folk across the Basin a knife, dagger, shiv, dirk, bodkin, poniard, skean, stiletto or whatever it is you choose to call it, is still the most common form of back-up or defence weapon. However, few would carry knives and blades alone as a primary choice of attack, despite their quickness, light weight and ease to conceal, those that do are considered brave or foolish at best but there are those that have mastered the use of knife and knife alone. The Kantikoy or ‘slipblades’ are a rare and rum bunch who seem to have some privately uncanny way of knowing how to meet and pass on their skills. They have woven their way into many a bard’s tale with their finesse with the blade and their mysterious air, appearing at shows and delivering a master class of knife work and showmanship. Even the name Kantikoy is a take on its meaning – To dance as an act of worship, the dance of the blade.

They claim that their skills are not part of a guild collective, they meet, usually at festivals, fayres or competitions and fade away from the crowd to train in secluded areas, demonstrating nuance and new turns. They rarely use their skills outside of competition, you would not really know you were next to one in combat, swords, axes, and shields all make for a longer life but when they pull their cut throats they are as effective if not more at killing work. So, who organises this collective? What drives them to learn and practice new skills? The legend states that in the tunnels beneath Shriekspire the Organisation of Gentle Blades meets on a monthly basis to hone their skill and pass on the arts that they have learnt on their travels. Only a hallowed few are tricked into attending these meetings before they are accepted by the “guild” that they will come to revere. So powerful are the stories of these folk that people are known to often tell their children that there might be a Kantikoy in the shadows, they behave after that.  

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