Lord Defender of Rayvahn

According to the stories of her people Ti Por was born in Rhygahrea in the province of the Camp of the White Leopard in the year 1197. She was born, according to her people, under a bad moon and with strange signs and portents although what they might be are unclear. She struggled in her early years to assimilate into the ranks of her people and found the Tao of Kethlan alien to her. These problems continued into her later life but she soon found a solace in her life; a rarity amongst her people Ti Por is not only an incredibly devout Priestess, from Rhygahrea, who has more or less forsaken the Tao of Kethlan but she is also a Rayvahnite who is a consistently reviled Goddess amongst their people. She operated in secret for the hidden people amongst her camp but her work was often snuffed out. When she heard of the Order she made her way here to give the wisdom of her 800 years to those that wished to learn. When she was bought into the presence of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar such was the strength of her faith that he fell to his knees and wept at the purity of her spirit.

She is ardent and stringent in her teachings and has truly embraced the way of all Gods. Whilst she holds to the teachings of Rayvahn she has become a font for all of the ways and beliefs that hold sway here. This made her the exemplar of the Order and effectively the second in command behind Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar although she never wished for the responsibilities of such leadership. Since the arrival and ascendance of Ker Gentz she has handled much of the bureaucracy that he has yet to become familiar with but the processes of handing over such responsibilities are well underway. It seems likely that she will remain as a deputy for the Lord of the Order and maintain the steady hand that keeps the faiths united. Her followers are myriad and many, even her role as a warrior within the Temple does not prevent Rayvahnites across Daer Akmir acknowledging her example as the inspiration behind the faith that they carry.

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