Lord Defender of The Kraken

  • Zoranethi

A recent addition to the Order, no-one is overly sure where Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar found Falakar but many suspect that he was gathered up from the Tharinos of 2010 that he attended. Falakar is an obviously excellent addition to the Orders powers. There are many secret areas of the Zoranethi temple that even Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar has yet to uncover and Falakar has been doing everything in his power to reveal the mysteries of the power that lies here. At the Tharinos of 2013 his deity revoked the right of the Zoranethi people to receive his power even through the deepest of prayer. Whilst this horrified Falakar he was surprised to discover that he was still able to call upon the divine power of the Kraken. He is now unique amongst his people as a Seer and many believe that he is pondering leaving the Order so that he might better be able to assist the Zoranethi rather than watch them suffer a crisis of faith his battle brothers however know that he will handle this burden as any follower of the Kraken should and that he will remain.

The days to come will be the real test for Falakar; the Royal Basin went so far as to make his race exterminable on sight during much of 2012 and 2013 and this move was supported by the clergy that he is pledged to protect. Whilst the Churches clearly made an exception in his case that may not be good enough for a being that has served not only the Kraken but his races objectives for well over two thousand years. However his diligence and duty to the Temple is very clear and his reverence of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar was absolute, he has openly stated that despite his mentors change in position he is happy to continue serving the duties that were laid before him and also the idea of the High King should it become what is required. Despite his Undead nature Falakar is friendly, open and popular amongst those that serve him and a constant source of questioning by historians and loremasters that seek his firsthand experience of affairs that are shrouded in the mysteries of time; a role that he is happy to fulfil.

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