Lord Defender of Tiberius

  • Human

Torokan was born in 1931 to the V’ilens family of the Golden Lands; the family are an old family that have supported both the Church of Tiberius and the baled Dragon for almost two thousand years. Torokan is named after the Holy Warrior who was knighted by Dieron the Blessed during the first Gabrak Wars, truly the V’ilens family are touched by the Legend that Walked. Indeed this namesake of the original was a personal pupil of Dieron the Blessed in his youth, the popular view of the Church was that Dieron honoured the family as a duty but we of the order, we believe that this is the second coming of the Torokan of that first age. It is safe to say that he shouldered the responsibility well, the sword that he carries has sent the souls of the sinful to their afterlife in every crusade that he has fought in and as each falls to the ground so his voice sends prayers for their spirits to the heavens.

Torokan is a Crusading Defender of later years who excels in sword play and displays the virtues that define a hero of the Council. Torokan committed literally hundreds of deeds in the name of his God until in the year 1973 Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar came upon his usual pilgrimage and chose Torokan to champion Tiberius within the Order. Torokan has served well; anyone that has learnt the art of the blade has learnt it from him or one of his pupils. His inspirational words and deeds are at the very heart of the fighting core of the Order. Those that choose to follow Tiberius follow Torokan as their exemplar for he, like his mentor Dieron, has taken the words of his Lord and lived his life by them with the caveat that unlike so many others he has evolved with them. Those words do not define the man, the man defines the words; they are tools of his faith, weapons like his blade, armour like his shield. The Lord Defender can put these tools down and be a man but he knows that even without them he is a man of ideals, belief, faith and of the Order. So too are the men and women that have come to follow him, those that cannot follow his ideals are not fit to wear the Azure.

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