Lord Defender of Naed

Argones was born in the village of Delve in the Western Marches in 1966 and when he speaks of his early life he remembers fondly the idle life of a farmer’s son who would wile away the summer afternoons with cheap wine and a pretty face. These languid memories bring a smile to his lips and a warmth to his eyes but he also remembers travelling to watch the great games that took place bi-yearly in Haven. These, he tells us, were the focus point, the inspiration that pulled him out of the life that lay before him and gave him a different perspective. The games, he says, are somewhere that all can go to watch and to take part no matter what walk of life they come from, a place where all men are equal. If you let him he will then go on to tell you, probably for many hours how he became an athlete representing the Western Marches and that during his time he became a devout follower of Naed, excelling in his skills and donating virtually all of his winnings to worthy causes.

He eventually retired in the mid-eighties, joining the Church of Naed as a physical instructor where he toiled tirelessly until 1992 when he completed his vows and became a Priest. Argones is not a man to shirk physical toil but despite his piety he found the tasks of preaching and deep prayer to be difficult without the same athletic direction. However in the same year Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar spoke at the church of the Azure Order and the dedication to physicality that dedication at the Temple brought. He returned with Argones in tow and installed him as the Lord Protector of Naed. Within a few months new techniques for training were introduced and fitness levels within the fighting order soared. Many learnt that whilst to the majority Naed represents freedom and hope these are only cornerstones of his faith; “Zeal, bravery, individuality and risks these are the strength in his divinity because without the protection of self you cannot protect the freedom of the people that you stand for.” That is how the once famous wrestler is likely to finish any conversation that he has with you and usually once he has finished his time with you, you follow.

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