The Halls of Artifice

The Volion Chapter is allied to the House of the Blood Red Sun and specialises in the creation of Artifice through Lore for the protection of the College.

The flames fuel a forge that no power can quench.

Head of the Volion Chapter and the Department of Artificery – Rega Noi

Rega was a long time member of the armed forces of the Royal Basin, although she trained at the College in her youth. Stories of her youth at the College have circulated among the students for year, according to rumour she replaced control crystals from a training automaton with ones that she had crafted herself. The automaton in question ran amuck through the College before finally bursting into the study of Lord Imravin himself. More startling than the fact that she continued as a member of the College was that she was, supposedly, only seven years of age at the time. She refuses to comment even to this day. After she left the College she formed part of a team that produced and repaired specialised automatons that saw action in various wars over her long life (born 1959). She was almost mortally wounded in an action to recover one of her apprentices in the Rhygahrean Wars and retired to teach at the College fulltime.


Volion Chapter is the living Heart of the College; if the power of the Zaek Haqire are the strength of the Remyrukhs and the Zemyoks then the Volions are the strength of all that occurs here. This Chapter teems with highly skilled folk who are capable of taking that power and binding it artifice that others would spend a lifetime struggling to comprehend. The Voilion Chapter takes only those with the keenest of intellects, naturally gifted individuals who are able to read the lines of power almost naturally, who find them malleable in their hands and put them to whatever purpose they wish. Here in the halls of Artifice these worthies find the walls alive with ancient texts and works of wisdom that will guide them through their tasks. Remyrukh, Zemyok and Terrukh alike find their way to the Volion Chapter and equally they are prevalent on the field, this Chapter providing the largest portion of guildsmen supplied for the Table of Swords.

Areas of Power

Artificing and Crafting


The Binding of Power

Development of Incantations


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Collection and guardianship of knowledge that has been lost to the Zaek Haqire of the Sacred Flame and to pass on our findings to them
  • To harness and utilise the power of the Comet and the Nexus and to make them as one
  • To develop new incantations based on the magics of Zaek Haqire

Zaek Haqire House of the Blood Red Sun

Lord of the House: Vashan Krik Nareeth

Owing Fealty to: The Kingdom of the Sacred Flame

Vassal Houses: The House Burning Embers, the House Ashes and Dust, the House of the Resurgent Blades

Specialising in: Artificing, Lore, Protection and Courage

Enemies: The House of Lembar, The House of Wisps and Smoke, Orbolom and Sarkith

House Symbology

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The House carries a blood red sun upon a black background.


The House of the Blood Red Sun have been assigned the protection of the Sacred Flame, that which grants the power of fire Sourcerous life not only in the plane of fire but also in our own. The house believe in duty above all other things and will stand firm against anything that they have seen as a threat to their house. They expect such courage and duty to be emulated by those that enter into the pact with them.

Expected Duties

Those pacted with the House of the Blood Red Sun are expected to see through any mission or duty that is given to them by the house. Failure to do so will result in the immediate breaking of the pact between the house and College member. Any member is also expected to act with honour and integrity at all times, protect their companions and the name of the house and to instil into others the wisdom of the house and what it stands for.

Pacting to the House

When a person joins the Volion Chapter they become pacted to the House of the Blood Red Sun and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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