The children of the Astral have always been outcast and hunted by the people of the Royal Basin for fear of their unseen talents and the lies told to them by the Ministry of Murder. Psionicists took refuge in the dark places and made their circles in places where the Varrowsite grew, something that would haunt them for generations to come. Many were infused with its power and found themselves become a place where it could cultivate itself. Down the years the curse of the crystal was to manifest as the Varrowsight grew in the children of these long ago Haruspexes marking them as something to be feared in the Royal Basin.

The Varrow Remnants are touched by the darkest part of the Astral, a power that comes from deep within the White. They tend to be deeply secretive and sophisticated individuals who play out quiet manipulations from the shadows. They are not inherently evil or wicked but find themselves easily detached from morality, observing the world from as a third person, seeing each individual they meet as a tool, a threat or easily dismissable. As most of the Basin hates them they tend to be planners, preparing for dangers and laying their plans with the veteran skill of a seasoned General as they revise their tactics again and again.

Specific Look

  • Varrrow Remnants have crystals growing from their skin.

Other Looks

  • Cracked and broken skin
  • Prominent veins.

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