The origins of these creatures is largely unknown but the Archmages of the Colleges allow their existence and hold to the beliefs of their birth, those Vorokian casters who have made pacts with their benefactors of the highest order are gifted magics that affect the lineage of their child. Down through the ages that lineage may weaken but the blood of the house remains. These remnants are a revered blessing in the Royal Basin where Sourcerers and Vorokian casters alike are heroes of the people.

The remnants are bright and vivacious people described as sparkling and attractive they are born laughing and smiling. They revere life and all aspects, all facets of the world that they have been given to call their own. They are dancers, singers, merrymakers and smiths of wonder to all those around them. They float through life, rarely stopping in one place long enough to find their feet there before they move on. However; wherever they go they make friends, they learn and they leave a mark of friendship.

Specific Look

  • A Vorokian has the Voroki Marks, ancient and illegible script, of the world of their origin tumbling down their skin like tattoos. They run from their temples, down the side of the face and neck, finally pooling at the shoulders.

Other Looks

  • Eyes the colour of the world’s enchantment from which they are born
  • Deep splashes of colour through their hair
  • Elongated earlobes
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