The Guilds of this Nation train the folk that present the thin line between the people of this Royal Basin and frankly, everything else. The history of each guild is a rich, deep and beautiful tapestry with perhaps a few blood stains that have been necessarily left behind as succinct reminders.

The Guilds are a core story telling concept of the game for the area of the Royal Basin; the background, ethos and codes of conduct are only the beginning of their incredible impact into a character’s life. They are a conduit into the lifeblood of The Rising of Chaos, its beating narrative heart and even the basic pages which cover the introductory information are littered with plot points and story information.

The Guilds follow some key points

Guilds formed to protect the equality of the people of the Royal Basin – They do not respect the ideals that nobility are better than the people and enforce the need to elect nobility to leadership and Monarchy.

Guilds are ancient and draw power from the Weave of the Royal Basin and have done since the time of their inception. All Guilds are tied to The Hall over Esan River which is a place shrouded in legend but it is known that the Oaths of the Guilds were given there and the strength of each Guild is found there.

New Guilds that are formed lack the “ability” to turn out the calibre of individual and rarely last long whereas the Ancient Guilds produce peoples whose story is tied to something ancient and fateful although how is, again, lost to history.

The words of each Guild are somehow tied to the power of the Land and the people, they are so important that whilst it is not legally considered treachery to not know them your loyalty is brought to question for not being able to speak them when asked to.

Guilds of the Royal Basin

Following is a list of the Guilds of the Royal Basin, a very quick overview and the Table that they commonly supply although that is not a rule only a guideline.

Professional Soldiers – The Steel Table

  • The Battered Shield – A Guild for mercenaries and combat medics that train those soldiers who form the backbone of both the adventuring community and the Basanic armed forces.
  • The Crimson Order – A Guild focusing on the training of a loyal warriors of the Royal Basin whose ethos focuses on serving the Kingdom and its overlord. Loyalty unto death.
  • The Azure Order – A guild that serves the clergy, providing warriors who receive the blessings and favour of the churches in return for guarding their secrets and relics.
  • The Silent Company – A Skirmishing, scout focused outfit that train only the very best professional soldiers to serve nobles, guilds and the army alike.

Influentially Funded Guilds – The Crimson Table or The Bright Table

  • The Outriders – A Guild for skilled hunters, warriors and the like who protect the interests of merchants, nobles and other worthies for high income with a wide skills set.
  • The Oath – A diverse gathering of folk benefiting from non-specialized training in all fields of expertise who stand for the small folk against the gathering darkness.
  • The Academy of Bold Companions – A guild dedicated to the keeping of legend and history who have mastered the power of the weave through tale, song and music.
  • The University of Great Strabain – A Guild that trains Doctors of Medicine, Chirugeons, Lore Masters and Professors of Magics but disallow running in the corridors.

The Churches – The Azure Table

The Colleges – The Black Table

  • Morrigun College – The home of pure Sourcery, here the extremes of magic are reached under the auspice of five orders ranging from Daemon Hunters to Warriors of the Source.
  • DeRiche College – Home of the fundamental magics of the world of Beyleethe, often called the magic of the Earth, of stone where power is given through pacts with Fundamentals.
  • Shadowreaver College – Home of the fundamental magics of the world of Jorven Kel Karenik Veek where the power of elemental fire holds sway.
  • Valordian College – Home of the fundamental magics of the world of Ruaeth Kajhar where the wisdom of the ancients is carried on the four winds.
  • Сливк College – Home of the fundamental magics of the world of Zartherinyialial where the magics of Ice and Vapour are found and ancient pacts and oaths hold sway.

The Altars of the Tao of Kethlan – The Emerald Table

  • The Twelve Trees – An Altar for Ulmargarn, politicians and Ritualists who control the Tao and other Altars throughout the Royal Basin from cities and townships.
  • The Creeping Vine – An Altar for Ulmargarn, politicians and Ritualists who stand in opposition to the Stone Circle, operating from the deep woods and old places.
  • The Gorgon – An Altar for Melkarr, pure Ritualists, who concentrate on the power of Kethlan through the concentration of the spirits of purification, healing and peace.
  • The Emerald Willow – An Altar for Melkarr, pure Ritualists, who concentrate on the power of Kethlan through the concentration of the spirits of battle and destruction.
  • The Broken Lady – An Altar for Ele-Strom, Lawmen, who keep order throughout the Tao of Kethlan, with the power of spirits of judgement, punishment and oaths.
  • The Stone Circle – An Altar for Vormearn, Warrior Hunters, who protect that Tao and its followers, calling upon ancient spirits to infuse their bodies with battle strength.

The Institute of ContemplationThe Crimson Table

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