When the world was young and the magic of the Gillieabad still being learned and understood, evils came to the world that could not be fought by humanity. In fear and terror they dreamed of shining saviours that would stand against the void and keep them safe. From the weave were born the dreams of our ancestors, the Seelie and the Banner Houses, who were the best of us but from our nightmares came the Unseelie and the Nightmare Children who were our darkest soul. They blended with the world and its peoples before they returned to the home that we made for them, Eidelos and closed their doors forever.

Fae Remnants are passionate and emotive people that carry a presence and a power with them wherever they go. They flirt with their own emotions, at one point gleeful and welcoming and suddenly cold and distant with that change sparked by a handful of words spoken by a comrade. They seek to be the centre of social activity and to act through the hands of others, manipulating people and guiding situations. However, they tend to be deeply loyal people to the few that they trust and often die defending that handful of souls of the things that they hold dear. They are well thought of in the Royal Basin and tend to fit into most roles or jobs.

Specific Look

  • A Fae Remnant will have large antlers or curved horns

Other Looks

  • Glittery or sparkling skin
  • Butterfly markings
  • Colourful scales
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