As a Priest or Holy Warrior progresses through the Church, they come to appreciate the responsibilities that fall so squarely upon their shoulders: The day to day lives of their flocks with the problems that stem from family, trade, justice and injustice, aging, death, birth, love, and hate. The demands of the Clergy and Church councils to maintain the status quo between the faiths and to ensure that their Church is well represented among the other powers.

Evils rise that need to be fought and guildsmen call upon the faithful time and time again for their assistance in miracle and deed of arms. Those that can transcend these burdens and continue on their way are exemplars of their faith, however in a society that provides the world with so many followers of said faith exemplars tend to be ten a blade in many ways.

In order to further hone the talents, belief and grace the Clergy gathered to form an order of people to represent the causes of their religions, originally totalling no more than a hundred from each all faiths and called the Harmony of Champions. Through the years since its creation the Champions have grown into a fully blown order where the ways of each Deity is carefully observed.

“Within all of the Faiths there are those born that have, perhaps, a truer purpose than those that make their road that of the Priest my friend. With a Church so young and yet so old it would be difficult for anyone to make a differentiation between someone that is born to the calling with that spark of pure faith within them and one that is enticed by the words of others and who, with the vigour of such a youthful faith, approaches the Kraken with that intensity. Let me explain how I would see the Champions of the Kraken: In your heart my friend you know you are: You are, in your blood, a custodian, it is the duty of a Champion to understand the spite that the Sea brings and the power that governs it from the Moon that shines overhead. Those that would ride its waves and accept that their fate may lie at its centre below those cresting turns. It is your duty to lead, to observe the future of those that would call upon the Great God of the Deep for guidance, to bring them to whatever end might await them. Your burden will be to know the truth of that outcome and allow them to face it for good or for ill”

Muria Trent of Notelexus to Canoth, Drowned Priest of the Kraken.
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