Drowned Seer

The Church is still developing; the traditions are being assembled but the role of High Priest or Drowned Priest has been established. The most pious of the faith was determined to be a Codex Eaölf, Canoth, who was drowned in the shallow waters of Silver Quay in the latter part of the year two thousand and thirteen. Giving his life to The Kraken it was returned to him by his own followers and he was given reverence to the first

According to the teachings passed down from the Zoranethi the power of The Kraken was born into the world before the coming of the comet when the land was only human and they were divided into the Clans they call Earth Tribes. There were seven Tribes that lived upon the land but there was also one that lived upon the sea and they were the mightiest of the Tribes for they had mastered the brutality of the Sea and risen above the petty squabbles that followed the way of life on the land. This tribe were called the Zoranethi and even then in the days before the Gods the name that they gave to their Chieftain was Kraken, those that served The Kraken and had mastered the magics and the skill at arms were Reaper Seers, those that could glimpse the future through magics were the seers and The Kraken’s greatest warriors were Reapers. Already, through the teachings, we can see that in truth, the formation of the Church can be found thousands of years ago in a wisdom that has been lain down and never refuted.

The Zoranethi had called upon forces that were ancient to other worlds but new and proud and powerful in this and having seen their diligence and their purity the powers chose to teach The Kraken their arts and in turn he would teach them to his followers. The Lady of the Deep Blue Ocean taught the Zoranethi how to brew the most powerful potions that could heal the most horrific wounds or transform a dying body into a new and virile one. From the Angelus The Kraken received the Eye of Fate that allowed him to see great swathes of the future and guide his people fairly and accurately to greater things. The Zoranethi decided that it would be best if it shared this power with the Earth Tribes of the Land and came to the shores of these people to bring its gifts to those that dwelt there but in sorrow this almost led to their destruction.

Canoth was born as a human approximately thirty years before the great ceremony of the Zoranethi and placed into slumber by the will of our Lord The Kraken. He served his time as an alchemist and acolyte to the Great Reaper Seers of the temples until the call to enter stasis occurred. After that he slumbered along with the rest of his kind for thousands of years and dreamt the dreams of The Kraken, whilst other Pilgrims speak of comfortable sleep and kindly dreams he speaks of violent portents and dangerous foretelling. These dreams and nightmares still plague him, long after his indentured sleep, but he will not speak of the truths that he holds to in his twilight hours.

When the Eaölfs were awoken he was one of the first to gaze upon the world and feel the sun once more upon his face. He was greeted by the Lord Plaguemantle who led us from our slumber and still holds a great deal of respect for the Faes council. Since the Church rose he has been at the helm in one way or another, foresight and intelligence have married to make a great wisdom inside the Eaölf but he is not used to the world in which he lives. The Basanic society that has developed in the last two thousand years has made him feel vulnerable and naive whilst the development of trade to require money rather than a barter system has placed his church in a vastly weakened position. However Canoth is hard working and willing to learn.

He did not waste his first four years and despite opposition by the Church of Terref and to some extent the Church of Tiberius he has developed strong ties with the Clergy. He forged early friendships with the Church of Naed, who would protect his peoples freedoms and the interests of his Church and cultivated the respect of the other Churches of the Dusk whose pantheon he would be speaking for. In those four short years his faith grew quickly in numbers and he moved his own home to Karrid Ren in order to more closely have the ear of the Clergy and to seem willing to obey their tenets. However he expressed a great need to lead not only the Church but his people which has led to their being some questioning of his intentions. Not from within the Oblivions faith but by the Terrefian voices that sought to undermine the system.

The clergy of mid 2014, using Terrefian voices of their own, managed to end the corruption of their Church and involvement with the Church of The Kraken and Canoth began to open negotiations with them via the Clergy. Canoth began to grow as a person, up until this point he had been working his way through the ranks of his own faith. He had managed to make the position of Quartermaster but other Pilgrims were overtaking him, ones that he considered more meritous and yet he had not promoted himself above them. Canoth was used to being part of a larger organisation that looked after the various members of it and in the Clergy, now that he was meeting less resistance, he found faith and he found backing.

Now feeling comfortable and secure he took on the role of Archimandrite and began to experiment with the doctrine of his people. No-one had set down the laws of the God before and he took to the role of shaping his church with the help of the Pilgrims in Karrid Ren. Then disaster struck for the neophyte Church Leader when, without any warning or seeming reason the then Primus Mirelle Silverlight disolved the Clergy and left Canoth feeling abandoned and without hope. The Church of The Kraken began to fall into decline but then in late 2015 Karrid Ren gained a new occupant called Sennig and Canoth found his way again.

Sennig has helped Canoth gain some level of stability and dignity whilst guiding him through the never ending changes that are faced by the Clergy on a month to month basis. Together they have gathered the Pilgrims of various faiths, during the absence of the clergy, to talk, debate and discuss the ethics and direction of the Church of The Kraken. Canoth has gained a lot of wisdom from Sennig and is set heavily on the path of the Focus and Gatestone and in fact ensured that it was one of the faith of The Kraken that enjoyed the first draft of the new prophecy bringing draft. Canoth is very proud of the fact that he is considered by many to be among, if not the, first disciple of Sennig and that he has been pivotal in the development of what is thought to be the future of the faiths by those in Karrid Ren.

He has caused some consternation in his support of the Eleven citing his own churches alienation at the start of its career. His thinking is still very out of time and he cannot help but try and support the underdog. His views have gained great support among the Followers of The Focus and his sympathies are becoming their sympathies. The whole of Karrid Ren looks like they are with Canoth and he sees a future for the Krakenite faith here. The removal of the power of the Clergy and yet more changes to how things are run since the death of Abraham Wingates has further made him disillusioned with the way that things seem to be done and he is giving serious consideration to leading the Church away from this arrangement. For the moment he stays where as he does not want to rock the boat but that is all.

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