Lord Defender of Bethylak

Chianan is a born talker whose distinctive Razor Back accent can be heard long before you encounter her cheerful face and the physical energy that comes with her speaking. She says she was born in 1887 and certainly appears to be around that age. Hailing from the deeps of the mountains her stories tell us that she was a member of the Hall of the Low King where she worked as an archivist and advisor on the world beyond the lands of the Granite Hearts. That role is surprising as she herself had never travelled beyond the confines of her home and her actual knowledge was based from her self-teachings and the stories of travellers. It was from these travellers that she gathered knowledge of Bethylak and began to supplicate to his divinity becoming one of the few, if not only, members of the faith that became a follower of a deity outside of their own pantheon without the formal training of a Priest. It was whilst in this position that she first read of the Azure Order and the work of its disciples under their great Lord Protector, all the writings told her that he travelled on pilgrimage to the places where those worthy to become members of the Temple could be found and recruited them on merit but after thirty years of waiting she decided to test those rules and in 1955 she left the Razorbacks for good.

She travelled for five years in search of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar, trying to follow in the footsteps of his pilgrimage. Five years of effort would have deterred, perhaps, even the most ardent followers of a goal but it found Chianan in the Homespun Inn along the Folding Way planning her next move and it was here that Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar found her. He spoke of a priestess of Bethylak that had called to him when he was addressing a crowd, she was dying of old age; she told him that her Lord had come to her in a vision and told her of the wandering Kuldisar that sought the Tao of the Azure Order, that her faith was pure and her convictions unwavering. That the Priestess had pressed the hourglass of her life into his hands and bade him hand it to this wanderer and tell her that her journey was over. As a member of the clergy bid so did he obey. She is jovial and always pleased to assist and help those members that come to her for training. As the guilds resident Lore Master she is often found in the vast libraries pouring over the ancient and indecipherable tomes that belong to this ancient Zoranethi edifice, truly the Lord Defender of Bethylak.

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