Lord Defender of Ekimelahw

The Lord Defender of Ekimelahw is a terrifying entity whose past has been quite literally wiped away by our founder Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar. During the first coming of the Devourite child K’Kegnihothe, whose history and relevance can be found in many texts, Heliak was part of those followers of Ekimelahw that were infected by the Xectros, a corrupting philtre that leaves the body open to the corruption of the Hanged Men who are the spirits of criminals not destined to be returned to life. Many of the Halls of Justice were controlled by these dark powers but via the will of heavens and the power of the Church the records of that happening were sealed. The Church seemed doomed until the intervention of the Azure Order whose eternal vigilance led to the revelations that bought the Ekimelahwian malady to the attention of the Clergy. Through the wisdom of the Lord Protectors under the guidance of the Clergy many of the Ekimelahwian faith were purged but all were killed. Despite his best efforts none had ever been able to fully cleanse the corruption of Xectros from the body but Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar finally bought about the full return of one.

Heliak was reborn into the world by the will of Ekimelahw as the Lord Protector divined but she was cast out by her Church with no memory of her previous life and left only filled with faith. She was taken in by the Order and assumed the role of Lord Protector of Ekimelahw when Vortigan Rone stood down after feeling the reverence and power that she held. The world seems to revolve around this primal force of balance and perception and as she moves through the great Temple she instils the presence of the Goddess in all that see her. She has been the Orders secondary war marshal and sits in judgement on any matters that require her attention. Heliak is cold, clinical and without prejudice, despite this she is unexpectedly approachable should you need spiritual advice and inspires any who worship the Incorruptible with her dogma. The fear she inspires come from the lack of humanity that she displays towards everyday life, the followers of the Azure Order know no fear when she is on the field of battle beside them.

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