Lord Defender of Terref

It would be a fair question of the general populace and one that the press often press in conversations with the Temple, where does the Priesthood of Terref fit into such a militant organisation? When one looks at the portfolio of the Goddess one sees a faith that is full of the brightness and wonder of life in all ways from capitalist to free spirit. If one looks deeper one will see that the truth behind the façade, the mask that the Priests wear and that is of a Church that values organisation, intelligence and wealth to achieve their ends. Jo Jo Reruth is a man that personifies the individual tenets and the whole – Reruth, as he prefers to be called has suffered for his faith in Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar. He travelled to the Basin with the Velikiy Knyaz of Dralkosh Olas as a subservient member of the group and operation. When the order came he heard the calling and made his case to the Velikiy Knyaz but for his affront to the Shard in wanting to leave he was allowed to leave but minus his right hand.

Reruth’s background and age is unknown, what is known is that Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar trusted him and that he has never failed the Order since he became Lord Defender of Terref in 1802. He is tasked with the gathering of knowledge, the placement of members of the Temple around the clergy and dealing with their reports. Whilst he is active in any crusade that is followed his Terrefian followers spend much of their time moving through the villages and towns of the world like ghosts keeping their eyes and ears open for any enemies of the Clergy or any dangers that the Churches or the Azure Order may need to respond to. Many may not consider this to be the way of Terref but his pupils follow both her teachings and his interpretations of them as canon. Reruth has suffered, refusing to have his hand returned, but made an exemplary teacher in philosophies and the Focus arts and many take his example of the ordeal and made it their own for the order.

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