Across the Basin are those with the skills to track and follow their prey, be that beast or criminal, through any terrain in any weather. At least that is the theory, the greatest hunters only reach their peak for a handful of years before age begins to rob them of their skills. Hunters traditionally provide meat for smaller communities in wilderness areas making a sideline living through the trapping and skinning style of the fur and pelt trade. They are highly respected individuals in their roles and well treated across the six Duchies. Their skills have made their ways into towns where they are employed by specialists for a very different variety of reasons.

The generic term Hunter for this archetype covers a great many vocations of those that can read sign and follow spore. The guild backgrounds cover a multitude of backgrounds and direction for training that you may have received but here are some suggestions as to what you might call yourself or describe your job as:

Hunter: Wilderness wanderer who spends their days bringing down game and patrolling an area to keep local villages and communities safe in the Long Nights.

Bounty Hunter: Adept at travelling and hunting in a number of environments a Bounty Hunter seeks criminals, bringing  them back to face justice. For a fee.

Scout: Usually operating at the Zenith of an armed force of any size a Scout seeks out enemy force and routes, reporting them back to senior officer

Militia: Knowing the ins and outs of a City directly a Militia Officer is capable of pursuing their quarry through streets and Sewers with aplomb

Starting Benefits

  • Venator (Urban or Wilderness)
  • Choice of Evaluate, Keen Eyes, Sniff, Uncanny Hearing or Sixth Sense
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