The Long Lords

The Korst Chapter is allied to the House of Blood and Flames and was born to lead the people of the Colleges and by extension the Royal Basin that it’s trade and culture might extend into all worlds.

In flames we find inspiration to stand against the cold of the night.

Head of the Korsk Chapter and the Department of Research and Development – Kalyia Abbey Tabitha Laura Natheron

Kalyia is a very new addition to the College, being rushed into power when Yagno Petrovna was slain in the aftermath of the Soul Anchor Incidents in 2013. Kalyia is extremely young (Born 1993) but her position in the courts has placed her high up in the Colleges. Should she choose to use it she could apply the weight of a Countess (Lady) although she, as a Natheron, does not enjoy court life as such and proxies are usually sent in her stead. Kalyia excels in all the fields that she needs to in order to operate as the head of this Chapter although many feel that she has taken up the role of the Head of Research and Development as a grace to the Lord Imravin, the true Master of the College. Regardless she is certainly respected and few would argue with her choices, she has been brought up to manage and to protect and these are two things that she does extremely well.


The Korst Chapter was founded by nobility and follows the traditions of such a birth deeply; whilst learning to be a member of the College is held just as deeply as any other chapter so too is the need by the Korst to understand the etiquette, customs, cultures and principals of trade of all of the civilised lands that border our own. The Korst Chapter keeps the College wealthy, yes in the form of riches first but also by bringing the best of other societies to the College that they be studied, absorbed and used by our own. The core of the Chapter, however, is leadership; learning to control situations, to inspire others, to lead by example and one day, perhaps, should it be needed to sit upon the throne and direct the people of the Royal Basin. The Chapter is comprised of a mix of all forms of those that come to learn at the Shadowreaver College.

Areas of Power

Leadership and Ruling





Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • To have a depth of cultural understanding that will allow a member of this Tower to approach any civilisation with wisdom and understanding.
  • To take control of situations wherever needed and where possible
  • To increase the coffers of the College and to protect any mercantile interest that it might have.

Zaek Haqire House of Blood and Flames

Lord of the House: Vendak Lin Korgarak Tan

Owing Fealty to: The Kingdom of the Sacred Flame

Vassal Houses: All houses bar the House of the Lord of the Sacred Flame.

Specialising in: Leadership, culture, craft, trade.

Enemies: The House of Wisps and Smoke, The House of Drukartis, The House of Mulartin Syn, The Order of the Mylorian Mists, The Church of Twenty Skulls (Notelexus)

House Symbology

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The House of Blood and Flames carries a gold crown on a black background.


The House of Blood and Flames holds its citadel at the foot of the spires of the Lord of the Sacred Flame and it is through these elementals that the mighty King of the Sacred Flame speaks and acts. Long considered the ruling body of the Kingdom the house of Blood and Flames takes its duties and responsibilities seriously. It is their directive to ensure that the day to day civics of their culture remain intact whilst also trying to deal with the continuing politics of the lesser houses in this particularly feudal society. For those who pact with the house the Lords of Blood and Flames expect to see their legacy spread through the known worlds and also to begin the eventual process of such literature and architecture that exists beyond the Zaek Haqire planes to begin to make its way to the lands of the sacred flame.

Expected Duties

Those pacted with the House of Blood and Flames are expected to attend to matters of trade between the peoples of the Basin (and beyond) and the Court of the Sacred Flame. They are also expected to return objects and art of interest that to said court and to ensure that the rulership of the Sacred Flame is not threatened or challenged.

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