The order of Kyranry is one of the two founding orders of the College and has stood throughout the centuries as the benchmark of Sourcerous Magics.

Control without Corruption


When Fae’A’Ryn college was established by Kurt Nagerson as the first real place of teaching and learning it was quickly realised by Kyranry that the powers of the enemy were not the way forward. It is believed that his teachings were drawn directly from information that he gathered upon daring the Nexus itself but much of those were lost in the Age of Ignorance. During its existence the Order of Kyranry has made it it’s business to act as the liaison between the CoCP and Morrigun College as well as the plane walker Colleges. This has given rise to a prominent political position with both the black and gold tables and a directive from both to operate as teachers and protectors of Sourcery throughout the other Guilds and Churches. Their composure and lack of corruption has led to them making up the bulk of active Sourcerers that operate through the Basanic armies and Guildic communities leading to the levels of respect felt and professionalism shown to and by them.

Leader of the Order of Kyranry – Makeros Kross

Born 1782. Kross is the oldest of four siblings all of whom joined the orders and all of whom are now dead. Kross trained as an artificer originally within the ranks of the house of Kyranry but made a name for himself developing new spells and techniques within the academy. It was not until 1822 that he made his first field appearance during the battle of Kaltrep Ipal, in the Shadowlands, distinguishing himself with his heroics but also suffering devastating wounds that left him crippled. Spending the next eight years in convalescence he developed artefact replacements for his damaged body and returned to the field with vigour. From then until now he has been heavily involved in first hand action and been wounded time and time again. Now he is more automaton than man but retains his keen insight, wisdom and power. He was chosen to lead the Order of Kyranry in 1922 and the College as a whole in 1957.


It is the duty of Kyranite (Kai Ra Knight) to protect the ethos and validity of Sourcery. It is easy for the outsider to see that the heart of our power, as a College, can be found in our power to combat Daemon Kind and by doing so draw in their corruption. A Kyranite follows the ethical teachings of Kyranry that draw us to understand the pure thaumaturgy of Sourcery; the art behind the form. Sourcery is more than a weapon against Daemons it is a tool that can further enhance our understanding of the world in which we live and to benefit the lives of all around us. Research, development, teaching and understanding are the benchmarks of experience that lead to the control of the magical environment around us. Equally it is our foremost duty to serve the College of Controlling Power and the Crown and to promote the superiority of Sourcerous power over that of the Clergy, Tao and Psionic groups all of whom have demonstrated minimal control over their realm.

Areas of Power

Full Mastery of the Sourcerous Arts

Political Interest and Power




Mastery of Flux

Centres of Power

The Order of Kyranry were originally located in the City of Gamtha, which many people have come to call the magical capital of the Royal Basin. Here the secrets of the Order were kept, filed and dispersed to all other Colleges; during its highest period it was the centre of Sourcerers learning and sat on one of the most powerful Ley Lines in the Basin. Many believe this is why Daemon Kind attacked and sacked the City causing the Order to move North to Norfell. Here they remain to this day, satisfied that they removed all knowledge that the enemy could use and continue their activities, growing in strength daily.

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