Morrigun College is the largest of the five main colleges that support the College of Controlling power and it deals specifically with the main cut and thrust of Source power. Initially it was set up to deal with the growing presence of Daemons and their ilk among the Basanic community with a particularly single minded attitude. As the years past the teachings of Kurt Nagerson were furthered by others and splinter factions grew, each eventually petitioning the CoCP for an individual birth within the College. Not all were agreed but now there are five clear divisions that have sprung from the original order; initiates that join Morrigun are encouraged to spend their time learning of each of the orders before making a choice as to which path should guide them.

Individually each of the Orders have a role to play and a function to fulfil that are clearly outlined in their definitions to member candidates of the College. However as a collective the College are called upon to fill specific roles in Basanic society, it is vital to understand that in most of those situations the College expects us to lead or play a superior advisory role. Our records, our organisation and our knowledge is second to none among the more politically orientated groups. We, as a group, are not directly motivated by wealth or by physical needs; instead we are motivated by the control of power for the benefit of the Royal Basin. The Churches are unruly, the Shields and the Brothers along with their affiliated guilds are little more than soldiers. The Tao is untrustworthy and the Contemplationists are, at best, children. We are the only Institution capable of leading and advising.

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