The Order of Ithyarn were the third of the splinters that came away from the great trunk of the College when it was struck at. The warrior caster, the defenders, the guardians.

The power within is strengthened by the form it dwells in


Ithyarn was the first of the Sourcerers to make the choice that the power that the Sourcerers were gaining through their studies could be bolstered through the martial arts. Although many saw this as an impurity of the way, his brother supported him: Ithyarn was indeed a powerful Sourcerer but he and a few others had trained with masters of the blade so that, when the daemons had came, they were ready, experimenting with their own combat methods. He was the first to learn to channel raw power in combat; storing the chaos within him and being able to unleash it with but a single thought, almost innately. As others learnt so he and his orders mastery over such talents grew until they clearly overshadowed the others to such an extent that they accidentally locked themselves into a defining role. The Order have taken up the position of defender in the same way that the Churches have their Holy warriors; their history is one of training in the arts of combat but each member of the order is assigned to one of the other parts of the College and follows them in all things, protecting and guarding.

Leader of the Order of Ithyarn – Anthony Bane

Born 1975. Anthony Bane has seen more combat than most members of the Battered Shield in his lifetime. He began his training at the age of four under his Father, the legendary William Bane, and was a master of both Sourcery and the martial arts by the time he was twelve. In 1989 at the age of fourteen he single-handedly killed the Daemon Lord Artep Bliss, drawing his power into the blade that he carried, and sealed the portal that threatened the safety of the township of Delve. At such an age the power of the Lord almost overwhelmed him and the warping of that encounter can be seen in his face to this day. Many artefacts of power are weaved into his body to fold back the power of the daemons that he controls as he carries on his work from the frontline to this day.


Our role is one of enforcement of the guild’s safety in a day to day to basis, supporting other Sourcerers and training with the unique techniques of combat and battle that the College offers. Outside of the College the Order is dedicated, much as the other orders are, to the eradication of the Daemonfoe and the enhancement of the College itself. Whilst not as fanatical as the order of Fae’A’Ryn the order is more practical and better trained. They are soldiers as much as Sourcerers, often joining the soldiery of the Royal Basin or entering the Shadowlands to bring low the enemies of Basinkind. With that in mind we all have the choice to ally ourselves to one of the orders of the College, sharing their goals and beliefs and dedicating the arts of protection that we have learnt to them. Our lives before theirs.

Areas of Power

Martial Skills

Political Interest and Power

Channelling of power through weapons

Innate skills of Magic

Association freely with all Orders

Physical Prowess and abilities

Innate Powers

Greater Physical Prowess

Centres of Power

This order established their training facilities in the Golden Lands, the seat of power for so long of Dieron the Blessed and the Swords of Tiberius. It was, in the earliest days, that the Ithyarn and the Tiberiusite Holy Warriors learnt the techniques that allowed the marriage of direct magical and physical martial techniques that is seen across the land today. The Ithyarn Fortress is a nestled collection of towers surrounded by magically enhanced walls with the only entrance to the site being the Warriors Gate. Here thousands of hopefuls enter to train with skills that have been passed down for millennia, however only a handful of these thousands exit the gate in the attire of Ithyarn.

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