Altar of The Twelve Trees

Senior Foster – Billik File

Billik File was born in 1742 in the great city of Shi Ashlan on the once great continent of Helgath. It is the affairs of that nation that have led the Altar to question whether or not Billik is fit to lead the council. He was once the greatest of Ulmargarn; a lightning wit and mind that cut through the politics of the Tao like a hero’s sword through Dragon hide. He was bought from Helgath by the Hierophant of the day; Gereth Blackwood, to offer support and guidance to the burgeoning Ulmargarn Altar. Having excelled in the Henges of the Northern continents File was failing to move up the hierarchy of their groves due to his name and title, he was never one of the ruling class. So Blackwood offered the young Tzi Tzain the chance to shine in the Royal Basin, a chance which the ambitious young man fell upon like a hungry wolf.

However the war in Helgath has worn heavily on the soul of this young Eaölf, his heart breaking the day that Orbolom’s power sprang forth and overwhelmed the defences of his beloved homeland. His family, his friends and the Henges that had been his home for so many years all fell before the will of the daemonic lord and with every acre of land conquered so too was a portion of Billik’s soul. Since that day the Lord of the Twelve Trees has begun to falter, his resolve wavering. Facts and dates and knowledge of opponents strategies seem to slip from his mind leaving him weak in the seat of political battle. He has begun to rely more and more on the council of Jeleth whom he knows idolises him, but faces stiff competition for his position from the power hungry Alya who matches his strengths each day.

Altar of The Creeping Vine

Senior Foster – Ledley Keane

Born in 1962 to a human family within the Creeping Vine, Ledley has served in the defence of the grove for as long as he has been able to. He is one of the few members of the Altar to have received extensive training outside of that provided, training that he achieved off of his own back when attended the University of Great Strabain at the age of twenty one where he studied Law and Anthropology, passing with first class honours. It is this training that has made him an instrumental figure in the advancement of the Vine’s powerbase throughout the Basin, Keane having gathered to himself a number of likeminded individuals that have formed a powerbase of notable up comers from the ranks of the Altar. He remains as ruthless as his closest ally, Naer, and has recently been appointed to the temporary Hierophants Council where a permanent position beckons and perhaps the position of first Vine Hierophant.

Altar of The Gorgon

Senior Foster – Puedam Eman

Elected during the chaos of the Rhygahrean wars (2008 ppw or Dazak 3) Puednam was born in Haven in the year 1987ppw. He was originally trained as an Ulmargarn of the Twelve Trees but has shown remarkable aptitude for the rituals of the Melkarr and made his decision to switch to the Altar of the Gorgon in the same year that he was elected to governance. He led the Altar wisely and well during those wars although he never physically made it into any combat his rituals were amongst the most potent when it came to clearing the Daemon taint of the Rhygahrean Woods.

Altar of The Emerald Willow

Senior Foster – Elisabeth Smith

Elisabeth is an extremely young senior Foster being born in 1985 but she has a good level of competence and is a formidable combatant. Originally she trained as an Ulmargarn and much of her political motivation comes through at council. She is often instrumental in making sure that the more aggressive policies go through and has very strong support for the Creeping Vine.

Altar of The Broken Lady

High Foster – Jane Rewarath

Born in 1932 Jane Rewarath was originally a member of the Emerald Willow, a Melkarr born to a great and noble family who had long been powerful with the Tao of Kethlan. From birth she was groomed and fawned over by her seniors, presuming that she was destined for greatness. Her laziness and inability to focus on anything other than her own self importance were legendary. Regardless her elders chose to overlook her blatant disregard for the true and proper ways and she, enabled by their belief in her bloodline, maintained her blasé attitude and allowed the reverence of her being by her fellow Melkarr.

In her second year as a Melkarr she was selected to lead a ritual designed to bless a Tao friendly township with good harvest after a blight caused by an Undead Plague. The results were disastrous; three Ravage spirits were summoned and tens of villagers died. Rewarath was held wholly responsible for the deaths, her negligence and indeed flippancy in the wake of the incident led to a harsh judgement by the Ele-Strom. She was taken into the ranks of their number as a student again and began her teachings from the beginning as though she were an infant, her judgement to serve the Altar until the day she died.

Initially Jane was resentful of this treatment but she quickly learned the lessons of fear and respect from the Senior Fosters of the Altar. Within three years she was truly a daughter of the line of Rewarath; the power of the Broken Lady clearly reflected in her powers and her spiritual form. She became unrecognisable as a person; where once had been silk now there was only Iron, where once a frivolous nature ruled now there was only resolve. This was over fifty years ago, the deeds of Jane Rewarath in the name of the Altar are now legend and none gave been sage from her judgement. Now she sits at the head of the council of Ele-Strom, iron haired and iron willed, though she is passed retirement age her punishment binds her to her duties until she dies and she has no intention of making a plea for leniency for good behaviour!

Altar of The Stone Circle

Vormearn – Brennan Harden

Brennan is a younger Vormearn, born in 1992 who has been recently elevated to the council. He fought in the Rhygahrean wars for the Basin attempting to break the stranglehold that Longclaw had on the Harthalian Woods. His career in the field has been cut short due to the infection of his blood with the Orbolomic Lycanthrope disease that is only kept in check by a powerful draft that is brewed in Dreff. This does not stop him keeping up to date with all Tao based affairs and running the Altar with efficiency and skill. Harden is a tactician and a war leader who takes his duties with the greatest seriousness.

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