Faith, Dogma, Purity

The representatives of the Eleven Deities of the Royal Basin and their subsidiaries well here seeking to interpret the will of those Divine beings, guiding the people along the paths that will keep power flowing and political strength in the hands of the Priesthood. The Azure Table is often referred to as the Clergy, a unity of the eleven factions of faith that run through the land and influence the will and actions of the people. Priests from all of the Churches flock to the Azure Table to discuss the words of the deities, to write religious texts and to debate how best to guide their people. The Azure Table, therefore, is primarily responsible for the application of religious belief in day to day life but also the expansion of the influence of the Eleven in the Royal Basin and beyond.

The Azure Table is a faction that pulls the strings of the faithful in all walks of life; Merchants, Generals, Politicians and Shoe Makers all value the sanctity of their souls and the passing of that eternal part of themselves under the mountain (on to the afterlife). The Disciples of the Azure Table are those that have commodity with the Deities to make that happen. They interpret the word and will of the Divine and spread that to the people – THIS is what you should be doing to make them proud of you and to fashion the purity of your soul. This is the duty of a Disciple, to ensure that those that follow them make it safe and sound into the arms of They that they worship.

There is a great deal of rivalry and ambition among the different faiths of the Disciples that serve the Azure Table. The various priesthoods have been at war or loggerheads with each other for years over one matter or the other. The Clergy itself has been disbanded and reforged more times than has been recorded and its leadership has been a solo Primus or a triumvirate of Primii depending on the current mood of the faithful. Deities have come and gone whilst others have risen so high that their Disciples are favoured by those of other faiths as they attempt to gather some of that power to themselves. All in the Disciples may put on a unified front but the meetings of the Azure table could easily lead to bloodshed.

Nonetheless the members of the Azure Table are deeply respected by the people of the Royal Basin who see them as extensions of the will of the Deities. Where they go people gather to listen to their words and receive their guidance and their blessings. Of most note to the small folk are the Divinities – Those soldiers that have joined the table on experiencing the visions of the Divine and come to take part in the anointment. These warriors are truly gifted by the Eleven and become Holy to the extent that the power of their patron can be felt flowing through them wherever they walk. To the Disciples and the Divinities the people of the Royal Basin are their responsibility, they are relied upon to see the work of their lives rewarded in the days to come after. It is a role that they take with all seriousness and responsibility.

What Disciples of the Azure Table Are
  • Priests who command the power of the Deities that they serve and reward those deities with a strengthening of their faith among the mortal world
  • Responsible for the souls of the living and their safe passage to Under the Mountain, they actively seek for them to be pure and a living part of the deity
  • Adventurers that are paid for their work and have a level of autonomy away from the Churches when they pursue such a career
  • Capable of entering any arena and doing battle be it physically or diplomatically they are free citizens of the Royal Basin and may take on any role
  • Respectful and respected
What Disciples of the Azure Table Are Not
  • Dogmatic to the point of belligerence with regard to their own faith and others
  • Intolerant of other forms of magic
  • Likely to corrupt a soul and sell it to the highest bidder
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