In the Royal Basin the people are governed by a noble house that takes on the rulership of the land through a popular vote. The head of the family becomes Monarch and they are served by a sequence of Tables with the Golden Table leading the country.

The Guildsfolk are monitored by the Iron Table which liaises between Gold and the Tables which serve the Iron.

Players that serve a Table are likely to have followed a course of action along the following lines;

  • Joined the Academy at the age of four.
  • Trained in all arts until the age of twelve when they joined a guild and gathered specific training.
  • Once your training is completed at the age of twenty one a guilder will generally join a Table which represents their opportunities and how they serve the Basin.

When you create your character you may choose which Table your character is based with. This will help to guide your plot and your interaction with the game world and other characters. The links below will take you to the comprehensive descriptions of each Table:

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