There was a Black Table before there was a Monarch of the Royal Basin, in fact most people believe that there was a Black Table before there was a Royal Basin. It has been here figuratively and physically since the beginning and it is made of magic. Originally home to the Five Colleges of Power who train those that wish to represent Sourcerous or Vorokian interests. This is a highly politically and power motivated organisation whose consideration is the control of Power across Daer Akmir. In recent years, under the guidance of Archmage Jack Spears, other users of power have been allowed access to this Table in order to properly unify magics and potentially halt the damage that is being done to the Gillieabad and restore order to the world. However the table is still predominately Sourcerous and under the direct sponsorship of the Colleges of Controlling Power and the Archmages Council.

The Black Table is a faction that is directly responsible for the control and flow of magical power across the lands. The world is littered with Ley Lines and nodal points that carry the core elements of power that spring from the Source of the Nexus. Originally this power was pure Source and solely the playground of the Sourcerers but over the years it has been harnessed and altered by various other powers – Priests focussed it into the power of Faith, Psionicists draw on it to direct the power of the Astral and in distant lands the Dahinnists of Egaria channel pure Source as though it were faith. These are only a handful of examples. Sourcerers have understood for long years that the power of the Nexus is finite and only sustained by proper regulation of that power. They have also come to understand what terrible corruption the misuse of that power has one the body and essence of a person.

From the a lack of control came Daemons which led to the creation of the Shadowed Lands and countless wars and battles between mortals and the monsters that they had created, hungry for their power. Sourcerers had fought those battles and many of them were lost, still, taken by the corruption and now Daemons all of their own. But the lessons were not learned. Heretical Deities were risen, the power of the White summoned and the Strange of other worlds called out of the Weave. Control of Power was not maintained and the Black Table acted. They operate with aggression both magically and politically to maintain a control of the world and keep the magic of the Source pure and replenished. The Black Table wants control, its voice is ancient and carries with it not only the years of experience but also the shadow of the mistakes that it has made that it lives with without shame but with regret.

Members of the Black Table take their job very seriously which is one of vigilance, control and cleansing. They are willing to make the difficult choices and roll the hard six when needs be without reservation and regardless of conscience. The burdens of these responsibilities make these people hard and brusque, the need to distance themselves from friendships and perceived kindness is vital if they want to establish power in the magical and political circles that they work in. To the general populace the Black Table are terrifying figures; They have burnt entire villages to the ground to destroy Daemonic corruption without explanation to the common folk. They do not interact with the people but they seemingly murder local Disciples or Haruspexes who the people do not suspect are possessed of Heresy or the White. Yet behind the scenes they are constantly developing the magical world and protecting the people from the horrors that exist beyond its boundaries. Fearlessly and often at the cost of their own lives.

What Members of the Black Table Are
  • Brave
  • Tragic figures
  • Deeply serious about what they do
  • Unbending in the face of any form of corruption
  • Practiced politicians
What Members of the Black Table Are Not
  • Beardy Wizards
  • Mass murderers
  • Cruel
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