Law, Civics, Justice

Dealing with the internal security and the protection of the common people of the basin this table is the will of the low folk and deals with problems that they face. From Militia to Monster Hunters this table is both loved and respected by the townsfolk across the land. The Bright Table was formed by Guilds Folk that largely came from the ranks of the common folk of the larger and most corrupt cities in the Royal Basin. They had seen the poorly trained and underfunded militia struggling with the likes of the Who Chow, the VGC and the Millers and were appalled. They took their Guildic training to the streets and sought out the worm of crime that had burrowed its way into the succulent fruit of the Great Basin. This was the birth of the Bright Table and whilst it has moved on the core of its being revolves heavily around Law, Justice and keeping the streets safe.

Bright Table reps come in many forms and flavours – Militia or The Watch are very common with Guildsfolk often holding the coveted position of Detective among their ranks but it does not end there. Whilst the Crimson Table looks outward to the dangers of Rhygahrea or the Frozen North the Bright Table looks inward for internal threats. If the dead are razed or a beast unleashed from the hells in the sewers of Rendrith it will be the Bright Table that responds. Unofficially Urban Hunters , Sawbones and even Night Cloaks report to the Bright Table who use every resource at their disposal  to keep their cities safe and protected. These worthies are found in almost every civic organisation with those that cannot contribute in any purely physical means working to provide education or acting as scribes for research and other endeavour.

The Bright Table springs from a huge number of guilds, the training is irrelevant but the shared sense of care of the people and of equality throughout Basanic Society. Where one would expect a significant number of people from the Oath you will find Cavaliers of Ekimelahw, Vormearn of the Tao, cocksure wizards, Priests of Naed, the list is endless. There is no rivalry between members of the Bright Table just a shared responsibility and duty to succeed against the odds. Their expected duties range from fighting crime to battling beasts but also to offer emotional support to the world at large, befriending huge portions of a neglected society and offering their time to them. Whether they are suffering bereavement or the damaging effects of regional poverty a Bright Table Warden will always come when called to offer what they can and share in these difficulties.

There can be no doubt of the role and appreciation for that role that the Bright Table has in the day to day society of the City folk of the Royal Basin. This may not extend as far up the ranks as the richer merchant types or perhaps the nobility but it is felt throughout the ranks of the citizens. They Bright Table are loved but are also often mourned and their loss is felt heavily. Bright Table Wardens care too much and often leave themselves exposed. They make enemies quickly, powerful enemies who have great wealth and power. Coupled with the fact that this is the smallest of the Tables they are often forced to work alone or in pairs with a partner. They make easy targets for upper echelon criminals who wish to make examples of them to the Small Folk. Too many Wardens are found bloodied in death and displayed with words to weaken the resolve of the common people. Yet they always return, they never give up and they never ask to be thanked.

What Members of the Bright Table Are
  • Investigators of mysteries that pose threats to the people of the Royal Basin and a little bit Sam Vimes
  • Heroes
  • Monster Hunters
  • Urban Legends and sometimes Batman
  • Moral compasses
What Members of the Bright Table Are Not
  • Anti Heroes like the Punisher
  • Martyrs
  • Civil Servants
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