Silent whispers passed down from tongue to tongue, the ancients secrets of a time long passed. These words and rites are handshakes with the spirits and the powers beyond the pale of mortal folk. They give us strength and teach us the wisdom that we need to be the nation that we are, united against the corrupters of the wild places and the darkness. But who should wield these weapons? The Ulmargarn? With their politics and their movement in cities and their ever changing view of laws and rites? No. Then the Ele-Strom or the Vormearn? No they serve their purpose and keep the peace but they are brutal people, they do not understand that life is a gift from Kethlan, to be savoured, not a war to fought and won. We the, Melkarr, we are touched by the spirits and charged to keep the secrets of the past to teach others around us the wisdom that is needed to create peace between the peoples of the nations of the world and the children of Kethlan’s Kingdom.

We are not strengthened by embracing the violence of hatred that strengthens the powers of corruption and leads to the darkness that civilisation has embraced, greed, uncontrolled expansion and political war. Instead we are strengthened by the commitment that we have to Kethlan and all the things that it represents. We share the vision that Kethlan is the mother of the world and is sharing with us her love as children. We understand the sacred secrets of Kethlan; to share in her bounty is to rule out fear and barbarism and to create family and pack, to act against selfishness promotes the power of togetherness through empathy and that only by meeting hostility with peace can we truly end conflict.

We have given ourselves a powerful yet difficult mission; we must create peace in a land where the rising of chaos seems to be unstoppable, where war is an ever-present constant. We are the shining light of the mother, the peace bringers, whilst the other groves give in to anger and hatred we maintain our peace and sow the seeds of friendship in the fields of anger.  We heal, protect and nurture and we are closer to the mother than any other.

The Guidance of the Altar of the Gorgon

Guide the affairs of the Kethlanic community towards a harmonious existence with the Royal Basin.

Promote peace within the auspice of any situation that can clearly be resolved without conflict.

Nurture the secrets that have been passed to the Melkarr, keep them safe from the unworthy and available to the few.

Offer the hand before the sword to all but those corrupt of the mother.

The Words of the Altar of The Gorgon

With a rational mind and loving heart there is no inequality or social status

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