The Ulmargarn rule us, with words and politics and buildings and more words. The Melkarr remember the old ways, chanting and dancing and shaking the bones, dancing and chanting. The Ele-Strom enforce the rule from shadows, in darkness, justice, resentment, anger and bones. All their eyes, so many turned in, to look at themselves and jostle and vie for power and strength, crawling across the skin of Kethlan trying to be the most important flea. The rules are set and placed, protect Kethlan and the places that have been given to us, protect the words and the dancing and the shadows. Keep your eyes to the outside and your swords sharp, protect, protect, fight and stab. The Stone Circle, built long, long ago, standing tall and proud, its purpose has changed over the decades its rulers, it mission but the stones? The stones have never changed. And nor have we.

We are the Vormearn, or were, the Rangers they call us, and we wander the land. We are the vessels for Kethlan’s strength we are the claws of Ravage’s fury. We are the hunter’s eyes of Quinrath we are the merciless thought of Avvannah. We are battle frenzy and rage and blood and death and war. We are the wild pack, the lone wolf at once alone and many. When we are young we howl our blood fury at the moon and know no fear, brutal and strong and invincible. When we are old we are wise and canny, pain is the greatest teacher, swift and deadly, cunning and hard. We know no fear.  When we are old we go to Dreff where we are fear and we become the creatures of legend, the children of Kethlan.

Many believe that the Stone Circle are savage, violent and remorseless. That would be correct. But we have to be. There is no room for second guessing, Strength is our gift and coupled with the wisdom that we learn we use them to fulfil our duties. To guard our charges, the Ulmargarn and the Melkarr, to protect our borders, to uphold the rule and laws of rite and ritual. We labour, we build, we tend, we shape and craft and when the time is called we meet together, brothers and sisters ready for battle. In that time we fight, fight to the bloody end and ramming home the sword, rending limb with axe and tearing out the enemy’s throat with our teeth, aye, we are born for it. But we understand and we serve.

The Guidance of the Altar of the Stone Circle

Service of the Melkarr, Ulmargarn and Elestrom of the Altars; their protection, advice and guidance. They are our charges and our council but they are not above errors and mistakes. It is our duty to shepherd them through their own burdens; they are as children in the wilds of the world compared to those of stone.

The wilds are an untameable place that we must wander; we do not seek to tame them but to keep them unchanged and to test ourselves against their dangers.

The smallfolk of Kethlan’s Kingdom are often below the notice of the other guardians of the Tao. The Vormearn protect, act in vigilance and come to the aid of these people when called upon.

The Words of the Altar of The Stone Circle

Loyal. Incorruptible. Enduring.

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