The power of the natural world doesn’t flow from belief in the same way that Focus Gods do and nor do the groves work in anyway similarly to the Churches of the Basanic Gods. The druids rely on the triumvirate, the power that comes from being alive; from blood, blood is life, from the strength and power that flows through the veins of the beasts that live. From the energy that comes from growth, experience and wisdom, from living from everything that is taken in during the journey of life. Finally the third of the triumvirate from the energy that is released in the final moments of life and as a living being passes over into death.

All of these pass into the realm of Kethlan giving strength to the spirits in the land beyond the physicality to whom the druids speak and learn from, nurturing them and accepting their gifts in return. This brings with it its own traditions, rites and powers that are held sacred and understood by those who are masters of the rites, the Emerald Willow guard many of these traditions, specifically those held by Avvannah and Ravage. The old ways have fallen! The traditions of the groves have become polluted with the taint of cities and gunpowder! Only the Emerald Willow remain in the Royal Basin to hold to the traditions of the old ways and few even among our ranks have the truth of everything.

Only through communication with and the guidance of the ancient spirits of the past can we hope to keep the traditions alive. We hold to the belief that the spirits of our ancient Theurges will fill us with the strength to maintain the old ones outside of the cities and retain the powers of the wilderness. One day the cities will fail and give strength to the beasts that water in their ruins and until that day we shall keep the old ways alive. The rites and the honour of old have fallen into abuse but the council has elected the Twelve Trees to rule time and again and we are bound by tradition to serve them. But this Altar will not touch the new rites that are bought to us by the council. If they are the work of Kethlan then they have grown here and that puts them into the hands of the followers of wood and stone.

The wild ways are vanishing and we must put them right lest our cousins of paw and claw fall to the poisons of thumb and fist, the ancestral culture must be kept pure. We must remain true to our roots, enshrining the traditions of our predecessors. External corruption, even spectatorship of our rites must be kept to a minimum. Fierce and proud we are, but we must never be bloodthirsty needlessly. Yet if we are betrayed or insulted then we are merciless, the land and its beasts are our sacred trust. The ways of beast are ours to master, none can escape the eyes of the woods and the will of Ravage, we are his claws and teeth, through word and deed and blood and ritual, claw and tooth, rip and tear, dance the rites and gut your enemies. Stand proud and tall and snarl your rage, summon your foes fears and confront them with them, lap their tears of terror

The Guidance of the Altar of the Emerald Willow

Preservation of the old ways of Kethlan and the wild ways against the encroachment of civilisation and the machinery of its peoples.

Support The Creeping Vine in its efforts to gain political power within the Tao of Kethlan.

Keep the ancient spirits of Kethlan pure and do not allow their secrets to fall into the hands of the unworthy.

The Words of the Altar of The Emerald Willow

The battlefields are many and we are always present.

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