In the time of the Zoranethi very, very powerful temples to The Kraken were built, according to our lore, atop some of the strongest crossing points of Ley Lines in all of Vaklam. The secrets of these locations are lost to us along with the location of the floating islands and whatever other edifice the Zoranethi constructed for over three thousand years in his name. We are aware that the Zoranethi are reported to have had a vast Empire that spanned parts of the oceans and the lands that are unmapped, uncharted by the Royal Basin but we have yet to learn of them.

Of all of the ancient strongholds we only know of one that has survived and that is the home of the Holy Temple of the Azure Order in the Great Desert where one of the original Zoranethi, somehow, still worships the God to this day. Since his rise the Church has not been idle and we have chosen as our Holy Buildings boathouses, shipyards and the like that will serve both the God and our Faith as its basis of strength for years to come. The major home for this power can be found in Silver Quays where, under the auspice of the Silverlight family, we have been gifted the rights to build and to prosper. Equally in the great edifice that is Karrid Ren a great wing dedicated to The Kraken has been constructed and is currently the home of the Drowned Priest of the Faith.

Finally each Pilgrim is expected to construct a Ketch (a small two masted vessel) of The Kraken that is to be their Holy place upon the sea. Traditionally these ketches have room for the Pilgrim, one other soul and all of the burdens that they both carry.

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