Lord Defender of Notelexus

Opilance Lionsgold was born in the bosom of wealth and high society amongst the most powerful family in the Royal Basin. During his youth however he spent much of his time with one of the Lionsgold vassal households, the Flametowers and heard the call of the church in dreams and visions and was soon firmly ensconced within the skeletal clutches of Notelexus. It was as though he was born to be amongst the dead, the fire and passion of those touched by their patron burned like a torch within him and for many years he fought, as a warrior should, long and hard in the name of his God. During the year of 1997, his thirtieth, he was selected for the pilgrimage to the Minaret of Fire where the hammer fell but his column was attacked and destroyed by his enemies. He was left for dead in the sands encircled by artefacts of unholy power in an act of vengeance by his foes, power that would prevent him finding his Gods side upon his death. Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar had visions of his own and found Opilance bringing him back to the Order.

It took Opilance only a few weeks to recover from such a rigorous assault not only on his person but also on his soul and at first was less than keen on a role within the Order. When our leader revealed that those visions had come from the previous Lord Defender of Notelexus who had died some three years earlier. Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar had yet to replace the great and most holy Sarah Watts, none had been found who could replicate her greatness and yet that night when the Lionsgold lay dying his old friend had visited him in his meditations. She had led him to the desert and told him that here was the man to lead the warriors in battle and bring the gift of death in the name of the clergy. When Opilance was told of this truth he accepted not only the role of Lord Defender but also of War Marshal. Opilance is a leader but in truth he is not a teacher, he leaves the majority of such work to chosen underlings spending most of his time planning the potentials of new campaigns and military manoeuvres to better trim the skills of the Order. He is well respected but few like the dark haired man with the furrowed brow who clearly has not forgotten the actions of enemies that left him near death and unsouled all those years ago. Vengeance would clearly be appreciated.

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