Altar of The Twelve Trees

The Altar of the Twelve Trees has held the role of elected government of the Basanic Tao for many decades and as such its members are expected to act as dignitaries and ambassadors for the people of that community. When not in council in its their duty to travel the lands of the Royal Basin and to gather the thoughts, needs and direction of their constituents: The Ulmargarn is as much a listener as they are a talker and are expected to be able to fairly represent the views of the those that support them. They are able to perform ritual and have a duty to do so when called upon, many outsiders would consider them to be leaders or rulers but they are in fact mediators and servants of their people. However they are canny and hold the interests of their people and their spirits above all else, often providing skilled and active debate.

Altar of The Creeping Vine

The Altar of the Creeping Vine has hovered on the outskirts of Tao politics for a very long time; their hard-line policies only seem to be accepted when war is close by and even then they are only allowed to look in through the window rather than come in through the front door. The Altar spend their days in the wake of the Twelve Trees, following their trail of peace and unity and ensuring that the people of the Tao understand the other options that are available to them. When the Trees make agreement to allow cities to spring up in the Wyld it is the duty of the Vine to undermine those foundations and strike back at those that would rape Kethlan of its resource and deprive Ravage and the Gillieabad of their habitat. If Kethlan falls, if the Gillieabad lose their homes then the world will fall and on that day we all lose. The rise of civilisation must be stopped. No matter the cost.

Altars of The Gorgon and The Emerald Willow

The Altar of the Gorgon and Emerald Willow survive as two of the Melkarr traditions with a firm duty to pass on the stories of the Spirits and to interpret their visions for the benefit of those people that follow the rites and rigours of the Tao. Such a duty sees them as very much servants to the people often travelling great distances to be present at harvest festivals or to address the issues of poor crop or mineral yield from farms or mines that are supporting a Tao based community. In times of danger they are called into the field to support Vormearn and Elestrom with ritual and the sacred knowledge that is passed down from Senior Foster to Foster. Without them the Ulmargarn would have no council and the spirits no voice; in short they are the heart and the soul of the Tao and all that are supported by it.

Altar of The Broken Lady

Within the Altar of the Broken Lady The Elestrom exist to serve Justice; they have no other function. When they are not active travelling to and from places of judgement they are pouring over or listening to reports of the Vormearn regarding the activities of various supposed nefarious folk. When they are called forward they serve to inspire fear as well and to serve as a reminder to all what an Elestrom truly is as their Vormearn restrain those to whom they dispense that Justice.

Altar of The Stone Circle

Vormearn of the Stone Circle are the most often seen by the standard or common all garden follower of the Tao of Kethlan. Whilst the Ulmargarn sit in their vaulted halls and wax on regarding the running of the Tao, the Melkarr chant in their forgotten groves of wisdom and tradition and the Elestrom consider the punishments of the transgressors of the Tao; the Vormearn walk. From township to township, patrolling the edges and the darkened holes of Tao society, checking in on the welfare of those that rely on the power of Kethlan to protect them. They act as militia for the people, army for the land, monster hunter and warrior but they also stop to help repair a damaged well, restore a ruined barn and to offer passing advice on the nature of a fallow field or the finer points of hunting. Vormearn are the ultimate protectors of tradition, the people, the Tao and its Ritualists and of course, each other.

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