Altar of The Twelve Trees

Senior Foster – Jeleth Lionsgold

Jeleth was born in 1989 and is in a unique position amongst Basanic folk. She was certainly born to be an Ulmargarn, during her years at University she excelled in the histories of the Altars and moved to train in The Twelve Trees when she was 20. It has been her political clout and money within the Royal Basin that has seen her rise to such a position of power within three swift years. She offers the Council a way to influence the Golden table and the regime that controls the Royal Basin which to the council is extremely valuable. However her natural ambition and Lionsgold upbringing have given the council something of a political animal to work with both outside and within the Twelve Trees. Her belief in Billik’s leadership is extreme, he was the first to have faith in her as a druid and she supports every move that he takes and fills in the gaps that he leaves behind in his currently fragile state.

Altar of The Creeping Vine

Senior Foster – Curith Naer

Curith is known to be a Lycanthropic individual although what breed is unknown, although many speculate a badger, or whether he is fully a Lycan or just carries the heritage of one (Lycan Remnants). He was born in 1889 to a noble human family of the Royal Basin, again little is known of them, he certainly changed his name and speaks little of his past, no-one of the Altar appears to have been brave enough to poke around in his past to find out. It is widely believe that he heard the call of the wild at an early age and was contacted by various members of the Altar who sought to use him to undermine the power of the Basin from within. However his temperament was too turbulent to control and he slew his parents, brothers and infant sister, some say he devoured them in his hybrid form after, and fled the Basin to live amongst the creatures of the wilderness.

He rose to power in the Altar through a ruthless sequence of both political and actual assassinations, destroying his opponents either through propaganda, perhaps learnt as a noble, or with the blade. By the time he was thirty he was amongst the forerunners of his pack and leading the Creeping Vine and the Emerald Willow who support them into a violent period of their history that would still be prevalent to this day had it not been for the wars that have intervened in his overall plans. Despite his advanced years he appears as a man in his mid forties and is as active as he ever has been. Recently he has managed to push to get Ledley Keane elected to the temporary Hierophants Council as the groves deliberate over who will be the next governor if Kethlan’s power in Daer Akmir.

Altar of The Gorgon

Senior Foster – Makaross Glem

Elected during the peaceful times of 1972 ppw Makaross Glem was born in the sleepy hamlet of Delve in the Northern parts of the Western Marches, long ago in the year of 1949. He has served stoically and well teaching many of the Melkarr that now ply their trade throughout Kethlan’s Kingdom. He is notable for cultivating his own tobacco called Glems Delving which is famous in many taverns in and around the townships of Greenlakes.

Altar of The Emerald Willow

Senior Foster – Paradime Jorek Levek Roan

An unusual individual, Roan is over a thousand years old and has visited all the spirits that Kethlan possess, or so he says. He acts as the senior instructor in matters of the spirits and the rituals and has many stories of Avvannah’s wisdom for the young. Whilst he is true member of the Willow he is more an Avvanarite than a Ravager and is considered by some to be dead wood. He is trusted and respected by Holkar Rek however.

Altar of The Broken Lady

Senior Foster – Cooper Shadowmane

Born in 1972 to the Shadowmane family many say that Cooper was an unusual child who shunned company and spoke only to his imaginary friends. In truth he was whispering to the spirits who had taken an interest in this young man who had been marked for a future within the Tao by Foresit the Lord of Justice. Coopers path was marked out for him and led him unerringly to the Altar of the Broken Lady where he was received by the Senior Fosters who had been prepared for his coming and were rewarded for their patience with a strange but gifted child with influence among the courts of the Royal Basin.

Cooper rose quietly and skilfully through the ranks of the Altar showing aptitude for all areas of the teachings but specifically for finding the guilty and discovering corruption within the Altars and Groves of the cultures of the world. His name became synonymous with the hunting and eradication of dark powers and he was instrumental in the combating of Orbolomicly infested nodes during the cataclysm wars; many daemonic powers came to know and to fear him. Since the wars he has remained within the Altar structure passing on his wisdom and stoically seeking a younger Ele-Strom who will take up his mantle in the field, this individual has been promised to him by Foresit.

Altar of The Stone Circle

Vormearn – Evelyn Stone

Evelyn is old for a Vormearn; born in 1965 she is heavily scarred and carries the permanent wound of a missing left eye and ear from a battle long ago against the Voushnazi. This has done little to stem her reckless nature and the spirit of the ancient Vormearn that sustains her in battle can be seen raging in her violet eyes. Of the council she is the most commonly seen instructing the younger Vormearn, preparing them for their coming trials with the tales of her youth and explaining where every mark and scar on her battle hardened body.

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