Altar of The Twelve Trees

Senior Foster – Alya Eaihain

Born in Rhygahrea in 1472, Alya was a survivor of the Mandragoran wars and the exodus of the Yuirfarvallen following that tragedy into the Royal Basin. The Eaihain were amongst those that travelled to the Basin in 1583 and they carried in their hearts the Tao of Kethlan. The groves of the wild ways of Rhygahrea differ massively from the Altars of the Duchies however and Alya’s parents were faced with a difficult choice; their political skills made the choice of Ulmargarn for her clear but they needed to find strength in the Royal Basin so they chose the Twelve Trees. For many years she trained with the Twelve Trees but she could not keep the wild out of her heart, nor her contempt for their growing reliance on cities and their ways. She has tried, as her power has increased, to steer the Altar to a more centralised position between the old ways and the new. With Billik’s failing psyche she has taken many chances to attack his position but found herself politically circling with Jeleth at each step.

Altar of The Creeping Vine

Senior Foster – Jasmine Rush

Jasmine Rush was born in 1984 in Rendrith to a common family who pushed her into service as a prostitute at age eleven amongst the many other dock workers in that busy port town. After only two months of abuse she killed her first man and within three weeks of that event the militia were on the hunt for a serial killer. She escaped by stowing away on a vessel bound for the Rice Empire and whilst onboard she met a woman called Laria Emmerson, a member of the Altar, who sheltered her and taught her how to harness the rage that Ravage had given her. After her initiation into the Altar at the age of fourteen she travelled the world returning at the age of twenty four to take her place on the council. She was so skilled in the art of ritual and of diplomacy that many saw her as the natural Alpha, a role that she declined, for now. It is rumoured that her journeys took her to the Greater Teeth and the Sea Hag, the Harvest Plains and the temples there and even the ancestral lands. Wherever they took her the gleam of Ravage is still strong in her eyes and her knife still calls for blood from her hip.

Altar of The Gorgon

Senior Foster – Prilly Folney

Elected in 1980 Prilly is the oldest serving member of the council being born as she was in 1930 ppw. Kalashinka not being the most famously long lived of individuals many consider that her long life stems from the many visits that she made to the sacred groves of Rhygahrea during her youth. Indeed many point to Prilly as being the power behind the downfall of Kalus Sing, the Undead Scourge of Fellgorge burrows back in the 50’s! She can often be found playing her Skavamareen much to the delight of the children of Green Lakes.

Altar of The Emerald Willow

Senior Foster – Golkar Rek

Golkar Rek is an extremely powerful Melkarr who commands the complete respect of many of the lesser spirits and the guidance of those more powerful. Very little is known of her past or her age but it is known that she arrived from the spirit realms with the blessings of Kerth and since that day has ruled the Emerald Willow through fear and strength. She is not a Melkarr to be trifled with her word and her will are law and any who choose to oppose her are swiftly dealt with.

Altar of The Broken Lady

Senior Foster – Lord Slickknife

  • Sidhe (Fae)
  • Ele-Strom

Lord Slickknife came to the Altar in 1752, already an accomplished druid and master of ritual he was found unconscious and heavily wounded in the Marekoth Grove in Old Harthalian surrounded by the bodies of dead daemons. The Unseelie had clearly been at the point of laying down his life to defend the grove and he was carried reverentially by the Melkarr that discovered him back to the Altar of the Gorgon where he was healed. His talents lay in meting out punishment to those that crossed the power of Kethlan and whilst he was clearly not a power of Vaklam he agreed to assist and aid those that had recovered him by joining the Broken Lady.

The Sidhe took his position extremely seriously and travelled with the high council for many years before becoming one of them. His mastery over the punishment rituals is second to none, when performed by the Fae they are more potent, virulent than when cast by any other. Slickknife is ready to dispense any levels of justice, whether that be through the ritual or the swinging of an axe he does not step down; those that have committed sin are punished. Noted for his trademark duster and heavy brimmed hat Slickknife imbues in others the will of punishment and radiates a fear born of some inner struggle that makes him one of the most formidable powers in Kethlan’s arsenal.

Altar of The Stone Circle

Vormearn – Sillik Harthness

They call her the Night Shield. She is the protector of the wildest parts of Kethlan’s Kingdom and she operates mainly during the nocturnal hours. Born in 1988 to a Vormearn family operating out of the woodlands around Dreff she was bought up and raised a warrior of the wild. She is still very much active, young as she is, blades dancing death to the enemies of Kethlan in the night. She is part of the High Council of the Vormearn and her voice is well heard, she even occasionally appears to train the worthy, taking special note and interest in those exceptional cases and blooding them in the field.

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